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January 16, 2014 - by Fernando Busquet - - Pre-Salt Oil & Gas News - Sources: Agencia Petrobras &
Mapa Pre-Sal Petrobras 2014
Proved Reserves of Petrobras (NYSE: PBR, NYSE: PBR.A, SAO: PETR3, SAO: PETR4) and, partially and at different levels, from his partners: BG E&P Brasil - BG Group (LON: BG, OTC: BRGYY, PINK: BRGXF), Repsol  Sinopec Brazil (Repsol - MCE:REP, NYSE:REP) and Petrogal - Galp (ELI: GALP, PINK: GLPEF), in the pre-salt, increased 43% in 2013 and in January 2014, Petrobras' production in the region, reached a record of 390 thousand barrels of oil equivalent, beating the previous record of 24 December 2013 it had been 371 000 barrels of oil equivalent (boe) per day.

Petrobras reported yesterday, 15/01, that its proved reserves in the pre-salt in 2013 increased 43% compared to the year 2012. Since 2007, the company has been incorporating volumes, increasingly, its proved reserves originating from the pre-salt layer, which extends from the southern state of Espírito Santo to the State of Santa Catarina (see dynamic map of
Currently, more than a quarter of the proved reserves of Petrobras are from the pre-salt. In 2013, the drilling of 42 wells in the pre-salt layer, associated with the outstanding performance of the production platforms in the Campos and Santos Basins allowed this reserve growth at 43%.
Is worth mentioning that the increase in reserves occurs in parallel with an increasing production in pre-salt layer. On January 13, 2014 came into operation, with a production of 28 thousand barrels of oil per day, the second production well of FPSO Cidade de Paraty in the Lula field, totaling 58 000 barrels of oil per day on this platform in just two wells.
As a result, on January 14, 2014, was reached a new daily record, in which oil production operated by Petrobras in the pre-salt surpassed the level of 390 thousand barrels of oil per day. The previous record was set on December 24, 2013, with 371,000 barrels of oil per day.The two producing basins of the Brazilian pre-salt, Campos and Santos, the latter contributes with 51% of this record of 390,000 boe per day, with the operation of nine producing wells, proving the high productivity of the fields discovered in pre-salt layer.
The average yield per well in commercial operation, in the pre-salt of Santos Basin Region, has been of the order of 25 thousand barrels of oil per well per day, higher than that recorded in the North Sea (15 thousand barrels of oil per well per day) and the Gulf of Mexico (10 thousand barrels of oil per well per day).
The cumulative production in the fields of pre-salt layer, which started in 2008, has surpassed 290 million barrels of oil equivalent. Thus, we achieve in six years of production in pre-salt almost double what was accumulated in 35 years of field production of Garoupa Field (156 million barrels of oil equivalent), located in the Campos Basin.In December 2013, three statements of Commercial Viability demonstrated the viability of producing in three distinct areas of the pre-salt: Lapa (Carioca), Buzios (Franco) and South Lula (Sul de Tupi), all in the Santos Basin.
In December 2013, three Declarations of Commercial Viability, submitted to the ANP (Brazilian National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels) demonstrated the viability of producing in three distinct areas of the pre-salt: Lapa (Carioca), Buzios (Franco) and South Lula (Tupi Sul), all in the Santos Basin.
Additionally, in 2013, the pre-salt discoveries in fields already in production in the Campos Basin, as Albacora, Caratinga and Marlim Leste contributed to the increase in reserves, and especially for rapid monetization of the same, through the interconnection of wells to platforms in operation.
Another important result which supports the planning of future production areas of the pre-salt is an excellent geological success, it was 100% in 2013, ie, all the subsalt wells drilled in 2013 accused the presence of hydrocarbons.
In this year 2014, Pre-salt of Santos Basin, 17 new wells will be connected to platforms already installed.In the second half of 2014, two new platforms will go into production in the Pre-Salt Pole of the Santos Basin: the FPSO Cidade de Ilhabela, in the field of Sapinhoá Norte, and the FPSO Cidade de Mangaratiba, in the field of Iracema Sul, adding 300 thousand barrels of oil per day for the installed generation capacity in the pre-salt of Santos Basin. These two new platforms will be connected other five new wells in 2014.
The start up of two new platforms (City of Ilhabela and City of Mangaratiba) and the start of operation of 22 new production wells in 2014 will contribute to reaching new record production in pre-salt this year.
Mapa Pre-Sal Petrobras 20140116 988x822

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